This Just In! Water on Mars?

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Hello my fellow wizards and witches, goblins and ghouls, this just in! As we all know (well now you’ll know in case you didn’t) NASA launched Curiosity, the new Mars rover . I just read an article about how there are dark, seasonal streaks found near the Martian equator, which could be a sign of flowing salt water. Scientists say that it could be liquid runoff that melts away during the planets warmer months. Curiosity picked up the dark streaks as they formed in the planets late spring and summer seasons, and then fade during the cooler season. These have been seen before on Martian slopes at mid-latitudes but now the rover is picking them up along the equator. They have yet to detect any signs of liquid water, but the new findings point toward an active water cycle on the Red planet.

From what I’ve been learning in my…

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