This girl hacker is beating all the boys: a Q&A with Jennie Lamere

TED Blog

If you’ve ever had the ending of your favorite TV show ruined by a spoiler-filled tweet, Jennie Lamere feels your pain. The 18-year-old tech whiz won the grand prize at Boston’s TVNext Hack event in April for inventing Twivo, a clever app that blocks all mentions of a show you’re waiting to watch until you’re all caught up. It was a huge hit, with people like Chelsea Clinton tweeting about the app, and the publicity glut that followed has been dubbed the Jennie Lamere Phenomenon.

Jennie is no stranger to events like TVNext. They’re called hackathons, meaning hacking marathons where engineers, product managers and designers come together to produce an app or program in a short amount of time, usually a day or weekend. They can be intense, with people pulling all-nighters to get their work ready for the final presentation. Jennie goes to a lot of them and keeps…

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