Three #20Time Ideas for the Activist

A few of you have asked if you can raise money for a charity, but that you aren’t sure which charity to go for. I won’t find you charities, but here are a few causes:

  1. Endangered species. Pick a species, any species. There are many to choose from, from the depths of the oceans to birds on the wing. Or what about lions?
  2. Hold a screeningfor an upcoming documentary you’d like to see. We talked about this with GasLand II, and that sometimes the producers of a film will release a borrowed DVD to a small group before the official release to screen at a home party (or possibly a classroom). It helps promote the film. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. Here is one example:

    If you are interested in the above film in particular, they ask that you contact the associate producer at

  3. The World Water Crisis. Statistics on the number of deaths through diseases related to contaminated drinking water are staggering. While water is so easily accessed in Arlington, many people spend entire days simply getting clean water back to their homes. Here is just one way to start making a difference:

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