Building Partnerships

Some of you have asked about the difference between partners and a partnership. Here is the difference:

Your grade is deeply intertwined with your partner’s grade. It may not be the same grade, but it is dependent on the work of your partner. Your collaboration will probably be on the same tasks–both working together in the same physical space.

A partnership is quite different, and it can be very powerful in building your #20Time Project. Your may decide that your #20Time idea is good, but not quite “big” enough to meet my guidelines. This is where a partnership comes into play. You may decide to combine forces with another “not big enough” team to create something that truly reaches into the community. Let me give you an example.

Say that you want to bake cookies for a charity. Your cookies are delicious, but putting on a bake sale isn’t exactly your thing. You’re not sure how you would ever find enough cookie-eaters to raise enough money to actually make a difference.

Let’s also say that you have a friend that is a bit of a loner, but knits a mean hat. Perhaps he also knits a mean scarf or two. He also wants to raise money, but doesn’t know how to find enough buyers to raise that money.

While we’re at it, what if you also had a few friends that played in a band. All of you could potentially build a partnership and put on a craft fair that sells cookies and plays music.

Going even further, what if another group of friends is doing an “Adopt-a-Block” on the same day as your craft fair? You could help each other promote your events, and therefore get even more participation.

Wait. What if you had your craft-fair at the end of the street where the “Adopt-a-Block” was? Kind of like a party after the work.


In this scenario, your grade would be your own. It isn’t dependent on anyone else, but the partnerships work together to make a project that is truly exceptional. Think about it.


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