Chemical spill in West Virginia! Old News?

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This thing has gone on long enough, I mean far far too long.  It is now what, the 29th day since the spill and still there are traces of  4-methylcyclohexane in the water supplies of innocent West Virginians.   This whole thing puzzles me.  Why is this even going on? this whole thing shouldn’t have even happened.  I mean if this chemical is so toxic why was it kept in a old silo right next to the drinking water of 300,000 Americans.  I mean whoever came up with that idea was an idiot, just saying.  This situation was so easily preventable.  Its ridiculous and I’m destructed.  I don’t know what else to say.

I am sad people are not paying much attention to this.  I mean I think America should take this as a serious warning.  This isn’t just a problem in West Virginia.  I mean who knows how many…

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