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Three #20Time Ideas for the Writer

  1. Write an original work (at least tangentially related to science)¬†and recite it at Busboys and Poet’s Open Mic Night.
  2. Have an original work (at least tangentially related to science) published on Amazon or iTunes.
  3. Um, I really wanted three ideas but can’t of any more. Please leave a comment if you’ve got a good one!

Five #20Time Ideas on Energy

  1. Start a Tweet Chat on alternative energy. Invite people that have started alternative energy initiatives in their community
  2. Research our energy use as a school and community, and propose a plan to reduce carbon emission
  3. Visit a coal plant or wind farm and interview employees in various stages of production
  4. Start a YouTube, Vimeo, or podcast channel and interview local authorities that make decisions about energy in our town.
  5. Raise money to build a solar-powered charging station for cell phones that students could use at lunch.
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Create and Manage a Tweet Chat

Hi guys!

I’ll be using this blog to promote your awesome posts as well as post ideas for your #20Time projects.

The first idea is creating a Tweet Chat around a topic or issue of your choice.