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What is the #20Time Symposium?

Following the lead of 3M, Google, and many other giants of innovation, the 20% Time in the Classroom project models a successful business practice by giving students approximately 20% of their class time to design and execute a project of their choosing. There are many variations, but our project must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Impact your community in a positive way.
  2. Answer a guiding question or solve a problem.
  3. Connect to science (at least tangentially).
  4. Track your progress through measurable goals.
  5. Think big. Then make it bigger.

3D Printer Idea for your #20Time Project

Want to get a 3D printer and make something for your #20Time Project? Make it happen.

  1. Apply for a Grant on Donors Choose.
  2. Make something, like a fossil.

A Grand #20Time Idea for the Gardener

Go on DonorsChoose and write a grant for a Greenhouse. Then, make it happen!

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Three #20Time Ideas for the Future Teacher

If you’ve ever thought about being a teacher, you might want to think about one of the following ideas for your #20Time project. If being a teacher is last on your list, you still might find them interesting:

  • Using a lesson-planning template found online, create lessons around standards-based films. For example, you could create a whole lesson around “The Day After Tomorrow” or “GasLand. They could either be simple viewing guides for substitute teachers (in which case you’d have to completed several films) or create a whole unit around a single film. Then, post your lessons on TeachersPayTeachers and maybe make a bit of cash!
  • Plan and execute a class field trip.
  • Generate a series of labs/hand-on activities to do in class–you could even connect with the early-childhood education people and teach those kids a bit about science. Then, post your lessons on TeachersPayTeachers and maybe make a bit of cash!
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Three #20Time Ideas for the Computer Geek

Okay, I know that as a teacher I’m not supposed to call anyone a geek, but you should know that in the “real world” that is definitely a compliment. Here are three #20Time ideas for the Computer Geek:

  1. Minecraft. I don’t know it, but it looks awesome. Do something cool with it. I bet you can get ideas HERE.
  2. Code up a game. I’m not talking about a trivia game that involves boring science facts (although knowing that limestone is the parent rock of marble is sure to impress your friends). I’m talking about making the user go through a journey of some sort. Maybe they have to terraform Mars. Maybe they have to reverse climate change. Thing big, think grand. Then make a cool game.
  3. Write a plugin for TheScienceRoom that updates us on science stuff like weather, earthquakes, or scientific discoveries. You’re already on WordPress.com, so why not explore the WordPress.org platform and possibly make a buck while you’re at it.
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Something Measurable

As you’re thinking about your #20Time projects, try to include a goal that is measurable. For example, if you are creating a Vimeo channel to host your science-related videos, how many followers do you hope to gain? You should have both a short-term goal (gain 5 followers a week) and a long-term goal (by the time of the Symposium, I will have 50 followers).

A measurable goal can be achieved for almost any type of project if you think creatively. For example, if you choose to do the Google Science Fair, how far do you hope to make it? If you organize an adopt-a-block, how many participants do you hope to see throughout the day?

As always, let me know if you have any questions or any further suggestions.

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Three #20Time Ideas for the Writer

  1. Write an original work (at least tangentially related to science) and recite it at Busboys and Poet’s Open Mic Night.
  2. Have an original work (at least tangentially related to science) published on Amazon or iTunes.
  3. Um, I really wanted three ideas but can’t of any more. Please leave a comment if you’ve got a good one!

Five #20Time Ideas on Energy

  1. Start a Tweet Chat on alternative energy. Invite people that have started alternative energy initiatives in their community
  2. Research our energy use as a school and community, and propose a plan to reduce carbon emission
  3. Visit a coal plant or wind farm and interview employees in various stages of production
  4. Start a YouTube, Vimeo, or podcast channel and interview local authorities that make decisions about energy in our town.
  5. Raise money to build a solar-powered charging station for cell phones that students could use at lunch.
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Create and Manage a Tweet Chat

Hi guys!

I’ll be using this blog to promote your awesome posts as well as post ideas for your #20Time projects.

The first idea is creating a Tweet Chat around a topic or issue of your choice.