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Three #20Time Ideas for the Computer Geek

Okay, I know that as a teacher I’m not supposed to call anyone a geek, but you should know that in the “real world” that is definitely a compliment. Here are three #20Time ideas for the Computer Geek:

  1. Minecraft. I don’t know it, but it looks awesome. Do something cool with it. I bet you can get ideas HERE.
  2. Code up a game. I’m not talking about a trivia game that involves boring science facts (although knowing that limestone is the parent rock of marble is sure to impress your friends). I’m talking about making the user go through a journey of some sort. Maybe they have to terraform Mars. Maybe they have to reverse climate change. Thing big, think grand. Then make a cool game.
  3. Write a plugin for TheScienceRoom that updates us on science stuff like weather, earthquakes, or scientific discoveries. You’re already on WordPress.com, so why not explore the WordPress.org platform and possibly make a buck while you’re at it.
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